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you are not joining a bank, you are joining a family!
   "Once a member, always a member"

   - Full or Part-Time U-Haul employees and their immediate family members
   - U-Haul Dealers and their employees and their immediate family members
   - NO Minimum Balance Required

   1. Complete "Account Card" & "Payable on Death" forms
   2. "Payroll Deduction Card"
   3. Copy of Drivers licenses for all signers on account
   4. Check or money order for $30
     $25 minimum saving deposit, $5 one time membership fee
   5. Walk-In Registration or mail the above to P.O. Box 21506, Phoenix, AZ 85036
     Can also e-mail the documents to Cindi Herman (credit_union@uhaul.com)

For more information contact us at 602-263-6655 or 1-800-201-2718, Mon-Fri 9am - 4pm MST

* All new checking accounts are subject to approval and are verified through Chex Systems / OFAC
* All debit cards are subject to approval

79 Roanoke Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85004 Monday-Friday 9am - 4pm (unless notified otherwise)    Routing Number 322172438